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3 Things That Can Cause an Imbalance in Gut Bacteria

What comes to mind when you hear the word “bacteria”? Perhaps you think of disease. Contamination. Danger. People tend to flinch when hearing the word because often we hear of bacteria in the negative sense of the word. However, when it comes to gut health, it’s important to understand that there are both good bacteria […]

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5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Digestion While Traveling

Travel–whether for work or pleasure–can provide numerous benefits, from exploring new cultures and environments, to trying new foods and meeting new people.   However, along with the many positive elements that travel can provide, like many things in life, there are a few downsides to the process.   For example, for those of you with […]

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How to Manage Sugar Cravings during the Holidays

  One of the best parts of the holiday seasons—besides traveling, enjoying family and friends, and taking time off work– is the food! With so many treats and desserts available, it’s hard not to indulge a little to satisfy your sugar cravings.   There’s nothing wrong with having a decadent dessert every once in a […]

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3 Cold-Fighting Essential Oils for the Winter Season

    There’s nothing worse than the coughing, sniffling,  sore throat, and sneezing that come with having a cold. That’s why we do everything possible during cold and flu season to protect ourselves from catching a bug.   From building our immune system defense to getting a flu shot, there’s a lot we can do […]

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All-Natural Immune System Support for the Winter Months

The cold weather is moving in, and cold and flu season has arrived. It’s time for hot soup, warm clothes, and giving your immune system the support it needs to get through the winter.   For starters, it’s important to always wash your hands and stay away from those who are already sick. But that’s […]

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The Health Benefits of Water Filtration and Purification

  Human beings are made up of 70% water. That said, water intake is incredibly important for our bodies to function properly.   When the water you drink is dirty or contaminated, it can do more damage than good for your body. And that’s why water filtration is so important.   The great news is […]

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Five of Our Favorite Naturopathic Remedies

In naturopathy, we treat illness with natural remedies first. While there are times that prescription medication may be appropriate, we always begin your treatment protocol with holistic and simple remedies. While naturopathy may be considered alternative medicine, we know that it’s the true traditional medicine, as naturopathy is what our ancestors used. Your body can […]

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How to Make Your Water Delicious and Healthy

We all know we should drink more water, but sometimes we get bored with the taste. Or perhaps we drink our city’s tap water, which isn’t always the healthiest choice. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, cities across the United States use over 60,000 different chemicals to treat municipal water, but only 91 are regulated […]

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