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Heart-Healthy Eating: 5 Heart-Disease Fighting Foods

Heart-healthy eating is about prolonging your life by maintaining optimal coronary function. Food doesn’t have to be the enemy. In fact, it’s all about eating the right foods—foods that help your body run efficiently, restore balance, and proactively protect you from heart disease, acid reflux, or fatigue. By choosing the right foods, you actively help […]

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Brainpower and Naturopathy

Brainpower and naturopathy go hand in hand. Feeding your brain the perfect nutrients and improving your degree of mental acuity through non-invasive practices ensures optimal performance. Naturopathy involves using the body’s own recuperative capabilities to heal, so why not focus on strengthening the old noodle? With the right foods, nutrients, and activities, it’s possible to […]

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How Naturopathy and Homeopathy Can Help Itchy Eyes and Runny Noses

Allergies are caused by the body’s oversensitivity and overreaction to stimuli, such as dust, pollen, and certain foods. Most people run to a traditional doctor for help with allergies, but naturopaths and homeopathic health professionals know there’s much more to be done than merely prescribing medication. Naturopathy and homeopathy are often more effective than pharmaceuticals […]

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Farm Fresh Eggs – CSA starting July 25th!!

Eggs are a wonderful source of nutritious protein, but most of the eggs you find at the grocery store come from sickly chickens. Anytime you are consuming animal products you must consider the health of the animal. The healthiest chickens are those running around in the pasture eating bugs and grubs as they are supposed […]

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