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The Impact of Stress on Your Digestive System

Have you ever had a stomach ache when preparing to give a public speech…   Or felt suddenly nauseous before a big sports game…   Or have your bowel movements gotten out of whack when going through a stressful period at work?   There’s a reason we often use the phrase “gut-wrenching” when making stressful […]

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How to Naturally Destress After the Holidays 

This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. But by the time the decorations have been packed away, the leftovers (mostly) consumed, and visiting family has departed, it’s enough to leave you feeling frazzled.   Assuming you don’t have the post-holiday funds (or time) to take a weeklong vacation to the spa, here […]

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10 of Our Favorite Quick Health Tips

Being healthy isn’t a complicated process, but it requires commitment and consistency. Most healthy practices are simple and can be described in just a few sentences, but simple doesn’t always mean easy.   Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. That’s where we come in—we can help.   We’ve compiled a few of our favorite […]

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3 Easy Meditation Best Practices Anyone Can Do

Meditation is something anyone can do. As long as you can count and pay attention to your breathing, you can meditate.   Studies are continuously showing the positive effects of meditation. In 2012, a study found a positive effect of meditation for people with coronary heart disease:   “201 people with coronary heart disease were […]

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What is Meditation and Can it Help Me?

Meditation is a practice where you train your mind to reach a state of consciousness, so you can promote relaxation, strengthen your internal energy, and develop your empathic emotions (i.e., compassion, generosity, and forgiveness).   The purpose of medication is to bring awareness to your day-to-day activities. Awareness is the first step to recovering from […]

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