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3 Major Reasons You Suffer from Fatigue

  We all have days when we feel tired all day long. Those awful days when we wish we could curl up in bed and sleep all day long. It’s normal from time to time.   But if you’re someone who’s tired all the time and suffers from fatigue, you know how unpleasant daily life […]

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Simple, Easy, and Healthy Food Swaps

  What is a healthy food swap, exactly?   Optimal nutrition means making healthier choices. However, it’s not always such an easy transition. This is especially true when eating healthy means ditching foods that you enjoy or bring you comfort.   For this reason, I advocate making simple, easy, and healthy food swaps. In this […]

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Organize Your Refrigerator for Health

Organize your refrigerator and take control of your health. Almost everything you need to eat a healthy diet resides in your fridge. While your pantry contains cheese poofs, chocolate-glazed donuts, and sugar-coated cereals, your fridge sports fresh fruit and veggies. Your fridge could be a springboard of health, if you organize it to prioritize health. […]

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Heart-Healthy Eating: 5 Heart-Disease Fighting Foods

Heart-healthy eating is about prolonging your life by maintaining optimal coronary function. Food doesn’t have to be the enemy. In fact, it’s all about eating the right foods—foods that help your body run efficiently, restore balance, and proactively protect you from heart disease, acid reflux, or fatigue. By choosing the right foods, you actively help […]

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Brainpower and Naturopathy

Brainpower and naturopathy go hand in hand. Feeding your brain the perfect nutrients and improving your degree of mental acuity through non-invasive practices ensures optimal performance. Naturopathy involves using the body’s own recuperative capabilities to heal, so why not focus on strengthening the old noodle? With the right foods, nutrients, and activities, it’s possible to […]

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7 Food Myths

So many healthy foods have been portrayed by the media as unhealthy, while other foods that are truly bad for us have been trumpeted as part of a nutritious diet. It’s difficult to know what to believe sometimes when it comes to healthy eating, and we thought it would be helpful to provide a short […]

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