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Is Gluten-Free Flour Good for You? It Depends…

Given the link between gluten and autoimmune disease, going gluten-free—or reducing your gluten intake—is highly advisable. But cutting gluten from your diet can be a tough transition. After all, who enjoys constantly saying no to tasty muffins, homemade breads, and delicious desserts? Enter gluten-free flour—a seemingly simply solution for maintaining your health while enjoying your […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Food Options for a Healthy Body

Food is what fuels our bodies. No matter how you look at it, it’s important to be mindful of what you’re putting inside your body…especially if you suffer from diabetes, an autoimmune disease, or acid reflux. For this reason, I’ve compiled a bunch of my favorite food blogs. These blogs cover everything from what you […]

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All-Natural Immune System Support for the Winter Months

The cold weather is moving in, and cold and flu season has arrived. It’s time for hot soup, warm clothes, and giving your immune system the support it needs to get through the winter.   For starters, it’s important to always wash your hands and stay away from those who are already sick. But that’s […]

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3 Major Reasons You Suffer from Fatigue

  We all have days when we feel tired all day long. Those awful days when we wish we could curl up in bed and sleep all day long. It’s normal from time to time.   But if you’re someone who’s tired all the time and suffers from fatigue, you know how unpleasant daily life […]

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Organize Your Refrigerator for Health

Organize your refrigerator and take control of your health. Almost everything you need to eat a healthy diet resides in your fridge. While your pantry contains cheese poofs, chocolate-glazed donuts, and sugar-coated cereals, your fridge sports fresh fruit and veggies. Your fridge could be a springboard of health, if you organize it to prioritize health. […]

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5 Reasons You Cannot Afford to Ignore Fish in Your Diet

Move over apple, fish is what’s keeping the doctors away now! Fish has long being considered as “brain food”, thanks to high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids. However, new research is revealing that it does a lot more than just make you smarter. Omega 3 is being used in health supplements, and is recommended […]

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