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Overwhelm: How to Rebalance Your Body to Regain a Sense of Ease

In today’s world, we are expected to juggle careers, family life, and finances without batting an eye. There’s so much pressure to climb the corporate ladder and bring home big paychecks (both men and women) while also baking the perfect Pinterest treats and ensuring our children are straight A students. It’s no wonder people fall […]

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The Natural Benefits of Massage

We all know how great it feels to get a massage. After all, it’s one of the most common ways we help each other to feel better: a foot massage after a physically demanding chore or a neck rub to help relax after a stressful day at the office.   You may not realize that […]

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How to Naturally Destress After the Holidays 

This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. But by the time the decorations have been packed away, the leftovers (mostly) consumed, and visiting family has departed, it’s enough to leave you feeling frazzled.   Assuming you don’t have the post-holiday funds (or time) to take a weeklong vacation to the spa, here […]

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Chronic Stress and Your Health

Chronic stress changes the way your brain handles it. Think back to prehistoric times when cave men and women were facing real danger like ferocious animals trying to make meals out of them. The brain was created to deal with fight or flight moments such as this but not the everyday anxieties related to relationships, […]

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